Lauren Hagerstrom Portrait

Lauren Hagerstrom

Light – It directs our attention, creates dynamic shadows, and it is the master of mood in photography. The more I study it, the more I am impressed by the beauty and power of it. Learning to see and understand light while mastering the tools that convey and manipulate its characteristics has been a fascinating journey for me.


I started taking photography classes as something fun to do and an excuse to visit New York City regularly.  When a friend asked me to photograph her interior design project,  I had my A-HA! moment.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with lighting equipment and saw that it was a perfect way to incorporate my affinity for design with the photographic skills I had acquired. I’ve now been working in the industry for over 5 years.  I’ve collaborated with many amazing interior designers and architects to create beautiful images that honor their work.


I am devoted to providing my clients with a creative, collaborative, and professional experience.  I take time to truly listen to each client’s needs and understand what it is they want to capture and express.  I offer the advantage of the most updated equipment and software. My clients are talented and passionate about their work.  Combined with my trained eye, we create top-notch images that showcase my clients’ unique talents and help their businesses grow.


University of Richmond

International Center for Photography


Interior Designers